Thursday, August 26, 2010

Roll-Up Gargoyle

Eating, procreation, fleeing for safety—is art any less of a human impulse? Saw this fantastic painting on the roll-up security gate on one of the loading docks in the neighborhood of once forgotten now repurposed warehouses. Why not paint something on this, why not transform it into a canvas? This seemed to be another example of the impulse to art, which I’ve also called random art. You see it happening more and more, noticing it more at least. I can’t think of any time I’ve seen graffiti on something like this, a painting or mural, so maybe it does provide additional social benefits. It certainly eliminates some of the innate drabness of the building. Seems the artist grew up with comic books, this looks like an alien, a super villain. Dig the pose this creature takes, sort of in repose isn’t it, waiting, knees bent, up high, legs folded like the way the door folds opened or closed? A modern day gargoyle, these creatures appear on old buildings, especially cathedrals, protecting them from evil spirits by scaring away those spirits. Our spirits are scarier than your spirits. Park away from the door! Do not block the Gargoyle!

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