Monday, July 20, 2009

Dothan on Jersey

Stoop sales are a common custom in the Jersey City Summer. Jessica was selling the usual knick knacks, garage sale items from people who live in a dwelling without a garage. The banner strung above the table—most stoop sales have no banner—stated all proceeds go to Covenant Hospice in Dothan, Alabama.

“I’m feeling nostalgic, they took care of both my parents.”

Hospice provides end of life care. Covenant has the tagline, “adding life to days.” I told her my mom just celebrated her 90th birthday. But I was interested in the Dothan part.

“I’ve lived in Alabama. Our family still has a house there.”

Politicians and the news media like to play up regional differences. The reality is, our personal connections unite us all. Named after an Ancient City mentioned in the Book of Genesis—it’s where Judah sold his brother, Joseph, into slavery—Dothan is in Southeastern Alabama, 20 miles from Georgia and 18 miles from Florida, and at least for a Summer Afternoon, on Jersey Avenue in Jersey City.

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