Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sugar & Light

Surrounded by shadows, illuminated only by a television screen… what was the broadcast that was so interesting that it interrupts their intimacy; some dire news or maybe, their intimacy has become as routine as their lives and their feelings for each other that it is now easily interrupted by such a minor occurrence as the end of the commercial break. Whatever they see only seems to come from an outside source; in reality they are seeing what they’ve become. I love how his lines suggest multiple layers of light within the shadows

Michael Meadors – his website: MichaelMeadors.com  – had his studio opened, showing “paintings, drawings” during the Jersey City Artist Studio Tour, which included work in charcoal, pencil, ink.

Also sugar. Yes, using water and sugar he was making a socio-political statement. This portion includes “Big Brother” like meta-capitalism proclamations, such as “Let’s Do a Little Shopping Today,” which were featured next to brownish images of famous wealthy men – these were “Sugar Daddies” – and made with sugar as the medium. Look closely and you can see the granular texture of the strokes. Women – both nudes and clothed – were alongside the cluster of sugar daddy images on the wall. The statement on consumerism could not be avoided.



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