Thursday, October 4, 2012

23rd Street Station Calling

Sad, dingy, seen better days but who has not pay phone at the 23rd Street Subway Station. Ever notice that as you head north up 6thStreet towards uptown the PATH stations no longer are stand alone, NJ/NYC only transportation hubs but are conjoined with the New York subways, which are longer and traverse more geography and noticeably grimier.
Seems the receiver is new, but the pane of the phone kiosk is gone. Speaking of grime, seemed to be a film of it covering this relic of bygone public communication. I was actually getting a metro card before heading down the stairs toward the PATH and a friend called my cell – I guess you can now get reception at subway stations – and during our conversation I noticed this old pay phone. Life in Jersey City means you follow the PATH because why live here if you didn’t want (or is that need) to access the isle of Manhatt as easily and as often as possible. Yes, you use all the PATH stops eventually but life has a way of changing and you seem to frequent one more than the other for long stretches. When I first moved to J.C. , I worked near Chelsea and 23rdStreet was the primary station; more recently it was 33rd Street, from the late 90s to the early 00s, 9th street.

So, 23rd street is the rare one now, been a year almost since I was here I reckon. Now I know where I can use a Pay Phone when I feel the need to scream over the roar of the F Train.

Honey… I’m sorry we argued… I picked up sushi for dinner, at that place on 23rd we ate at last Valentines Day? What… what did you say… you won’t be there, you’re leaving… there’s a train coming, I can’t hear what you’re saying... 

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