Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ribbons of Hope

Autumn afternoon, sunny and crisp; a Sunday in an entire city celebrating art… cynicism just does not seem an option. Even such an over-used symbol as the ribbon evades sarcasm.

Ribbons of Hope was one of the stops on the Jersey City Arts Tour, one I really wasn’t planning to see, just happened to pass by. My eyes rolled at first, it seemed sort of mawkish but that passed. The amount of the ribbons, all affirmations, gradually encouraged a sharing of sentiment.
Called an “interactive” art installation, the simplicity of the concept was irresistibly endearing. A message of hope is written on a ribbon, tied to these tall racks – panels really, all fluttering alongside each other.

The project started on 9-11-2011, the 10thanniversary of you know what. It has travelled throughout the five boroughs and apparently around the world and this year it was a stop on the Jersey City Artist Studio Tour. 

I wrote:
Be Not Afraid Love Conquers All.
It just came to me.
More wish than message but I can dream can’t I?

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