Monday, September 26, 2011

Art Workshop/Art Gallery

Going into Business was the clever name of this Jersey City Art School sponsored Art Show, held at one of their new satellite branches. Headquarters may still be on 5th Street, on 3rd Street the school leases out workshop spaces to artists, augmenting the community of artists now calling our fair city home with another urban space converting into a spot around which creativity and creative types can coalesce.

A long, garage-like space – I was told it once was a type of stable for horse & buggies, but I don’t know about that – with parts of the ceiling and a wall or two exposed, seemed like a place to get work done. For the event the work shop was turned into an art gallery. You start leasing space, and now you’re a collective. Artists can complain about their isolation, getting lost with their muses and talent. Here, a semblance of an artist colony seems to have formed, augmenting the instruction and other events held by the Art School. Paintings and sketches were on sale; designs were silk screened to t-shirts, tote bags and pillows. The imagery ranged from landscape and portraiture to street art/graffiti inspired illustrations. The work was impressive. The atmosphere was warm and collegial.

People mingled, beverages and lite snacks were served. When I was there, which was closer to closing than opening, a folk musician Pepper Coat (his website is here or myspace), performed some amusing, although dark and sardonic songs on a borrowed guitar. By the end he got the crowd to sing along with This Little Light of Mine, after which they returned to viewing and chatting about art.

Artists exhibiting work at the reception included: Ana Benaroya, Matt Caputo, Thomas John Carlson, Norm Kirby, and Bruce Ledbetter. The Going into Business Art Show will open again next week for the J.C. Art Tour weekend.

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