Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Tearing Up Sidewalk Again Spring

They just did this sidewalk didn’t they? Street-scaped and everything. Why are they replacing it again now? Déjà vu may be the only shovel ready projects still ready. A friend of mine pointed out to me that I take too many damn pictures around here. I’m sick of seeing old Rail Road avenue on your blog! Well, so am I and even though I’ve taken a few of these sidewalk shard shots, this was relatively early and the Open sign was lit at the barbershop about an hour or so earlier than usual and I was thinking that one of the barbers got here early maybe trying to make some money off people traipsing to work and now this construction going on, again, put the kabosh on making some extra scratch. Then I noticed the plump red buds on the branches and remembered the Mets won their first game of the season a day or two ago so the inevitable end of winter is officially declared in spite of the chill still in the air that morning and add the incinerator authority vehicle and what you get is another Jersey City morning that is both new and the same. Life serves you another slice. Ever see that Film Smoke, it’s by Paul Auster or maybe he just wrote the screenplay, it's with Harvey Kietal and William Hurt and Harvey owns this tobacco store in Brooklyn and one of his hobbies is to take a picture of the same corner every day for years and years, watch subtle changes and Hurt looks through the album because it turns out his dead wife often walked on the sidewalk and he could just glimpse her in an ordinary every day way. That was an inspiration to me, even though the movie is a tad boring and good lord, I really dislike Auster’s novels. But there ya go, ordinary, everyday until the city decides to re-tear up the sidewalk on your block and you get annoyance and noise and inconvenience. Still… shards of sidewalk, crooked slabs of concrete, plump red buds ready to turn into leaves… not what you wanted but at least it’s for you to see

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