Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mural This Morning

The back of Lady Liberty’s head. We’re looking just behind her, birds eye view. Does the river appear yellow because that is how it looks from there when the sun makes it glisten. I love the hint of the bridge in the horizon. The mural has been there for a while, it’s easy not to notice. Heck, I usually don’t. But this morning I was out and about early and walking down Wayne Street and I saw the mural, in the morning light, across the semi-empty lot. I love summer light, especially summer morning light. I noticed this mural again for the first time, just this portion of it, which is the only portion the lot makes visible. The sense of awe was brief, but it was present and felt just fine. Try it sometime.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Tim,
    I appreciate your observations on a mural that is 17 years old and is quite faded. The photo you posted is a view I have not seen and it still looks good considering.
    Franc Palaia, muralist of Columbus Drive Mural