Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Drill Baby Drill

Has it really been two summers since Sara Palin came into our lives? What I find more frightening than her rhetoric—which is immoral, anti-intellectual and reprehensible—is the fact she’s attractive. I’m not saying she is my type or anything like that, but she is pretty and obviously keeps herself well together and has a zest about her that exudes a lusty appetite. That is what scary. I was never enticed by Nancy Reagan or Anne Coulter or any other right wing freak of the female persuasion. Neither of those two examples have the multi-level charisma of Sara Palin. The fact that she came as close as she did to running this country is sobering. Drill Baby Drill. I wonder how many BP disasters there would have been if Obama didn’t win. This example of protest art popped up over the weekend on Jersey Avenue near the Columbus corner. I suspect it will be torn down soon. It’s illegal I reckon, where the sign has been placed, not the message. So, until then, consider the fun and intelligence of this sign, it’s a real zinger. The back of the sign conveys the context, sarcastically but accurately tying corporate greed and malfeasance to the lack of media coverage—especially before a disaster—about these issues. Then the other side of the painting is Sarah, which hits home for me since I admit, I think she’s has an attractiveness. The grotesque face on the exaggerated FHM bikini clad sex goddess exemplifies my dilemma, which I believe is shared by many. The timeless canard: She’s the Devil in disguise. Palin has an appealing life story, who isn’t pro-mother hood or pro-achiever? She’s outdoorsy and has a speaking style that sounds honest. I’m a progressive guy, as most readers have come to realize. I’m a new dealer. My politics are based the songs of Woody Guthrie and the Sermon on the Mount. Besides Lincoln, the two greatest presidents have been FDR & Bill Clinton. There is a fed-up-ness in this land and for some reason, there’s a weird nostalgia for so called Reaganism. When it comes to the Tea Party, I relate to the former and reject the latter. Reagan would be the worst president in our history if it wasn’t for the eight disgraceful years of George W. Bush. The tea party movement, while inflated by media hype, has a sincere but inarticulate outrage. It seems to be getting hijacked by Palin types, who provide no substance to the ideas being implied by the talk, and give celebrity cover to anti-Obama and obstructionist rhetoric, a take back our country, sensationalized sound-bite bull shit. Ideas, God forbid we discuss those and on that front the left is just as guilty as the right. The problem is the left doesn’t have somebody as charismatic as Palin. And, our nation is filled with a television-addled citizenry predisposed to Attention Deficit Disorder. Last year, the epicenter of the N.J. Political bribery scandal was Jersey City, which stifled voter turnout in Hudson County and the result is right wing freak in Trenton. I’ve mentioned this turn of events a few times, but this political protest sign reminded me of that, because if N.J. liberals continue to allow corrupt politicians—not to mention looking the other way when construction, real estate development companies and other corporate entities bribe their way into the skyline—we will have this monster in a bikini in the white house and a poisoned ecology. The oil stains on the skin of the Palin monster in the picture says it all. What else do I like about this sign—it shows solidarity with the people of Gulf Coast—right on!

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