Friday, June 5, 2009

Fountain in the Rain

God is love. We are made in the image of God. This life is just a fountain in the rain.

I think about stuff like this all the time. This fountain is in Bryant Park, most days when I have do the office gig I walk through this park. Last night, I was out with some good friends and we were talking about what a drag it is that at parties or similar interactions with others of our age group everybody complains about getting older, or basically, just complains. It’s okay to complain sometimes, but so many folks are relentless about it. My friends pointed out how these people can’t enjoy simple things. Getting more enjoyment from simple moments of life also happens with age, one of the upsides. I mentioned Bryant Park. It’s a beautiful park, and when you walk through it early in the morning, when it’s not that crowded, you see the seasons change. In the winter there’s ice skating. During the course of our conservation, I used Bryant Park as a personal example, that for instance I see the beauty of a quiet morning snowfall and then you get to the office, and there is somebody who can only complain about the snow. Today it was rainy and I noticed the fountain—it’s not always on full blast—and I just noticed the beauty of the spouts of water clashing with the falling rain. Maybe what I found so beautiful was the metaphor above. It’s a concept I think about a lot and maybe all we need to explain this life is this life. If we let ourselves truly see, the invisible world is present in the visible. For a moment, anyway

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