Wednesday, June 3, 2009

6/3/2009 Quote

“It was a bad fire, the building at the juncture. Smoke so thick you couldn’t see. There was one guy still in there. That’s what we were told. We went in. The heat was increasing, but it hadn’t reached the flashpoint. They shouted that they think the guy is by the window. Everyone else from the building was out by now. Just one guy left. We had to feel around, we couldn’t see. We only saw smoke. There’s a dog there. That’s what we find, a dog. The dog is alive, barely. We get the dog out. It’s a good sign, if the dog is alive, the guy is. We start to feel around again, we couldn’t see. But then, the fire reaches the flashpoint, which sucks all the oxygen out, and the heat just doubles. We had no choice, we had to move, we had to get out of there. The guy was found later. If we hadn’t saved the dog, we might have saved the guy but when we found the dog, we had hope cause if the dog was alive the guy could be too.”

True story told to me by a Jersey City Fireman. Thanks Steve.

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