Thursday, May 9, 2013

Affixed Sculpture

Saw this on second street, a new addition to Jersey City’s very clever and obscure street art exhibits, the ongoing project of anonymous conceptual, if expressionistic, street artists. I’m calling this affixed sculpture, because it is sculpture that is affixed, in this case to the street sign.
The upper piece is some primitive, logo/tattoo inspired deal, clever enough and reinforces my contention that Keith Haring may be the most influential 20th American Artist. Beneath that painting on wood though is another wood sculpture that is a little less obscure
A robbery – a purse snatching (or hold up, some kind of robbery-based crime for sure) – is etched into the surface of the wood, a child’s doodle depicts (the victim’s eyes are X’s. Along the side of the wood is a faux zipper, the zipper tag being an actual one that doubles as a key chain, on which authentic house keys dangle.
Rainy morning. Saw some art. Then I thought about society and how our humanity often struggles against aspects of that society, just as other aspects of that society enable that same humanity to survive… purses which we carry items we think we need, keys to homes where we think we’re safe. Then the rain, then the unfolding of my day, same as yours.


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