Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Terminal Transition

Seems I’ve been blogging about this Hoboken transit hub oncea month; is it because I go through there once a month or my life is a little stressed right now that blog subjects are getting harder to come by? Maybe yes, mostly no. Mainly it’s an inspiring place and space and recently, always changing.

The lobby at the Erie Lackawanna Train Station reopened; 90 days or so after Sandy.


Especially when it comes to non-event local impressions, I like to say I am looking that things that rarely get really seen or looking at things that can only be seen once. These images are the latter. Ravaged by Sandy – six feet of water in the lobby – the reopening is pretty half-hearted. There’s only one stand – no newsstand (even the Hudson News letters are gone), just coffee and beverages and non-cooked food items – the restaurant court and other vendors remain closed.

The Bathrooms remain closed. You have to go outside to porto-johns to go . The long wooden benches and the model train set are enclosed in plywood cases and plastic tarps. There’s some seating, tiny park benches you would get at a garden store. The lobby is also heated. People were waiting.

Plastic sheets also covered the lobby payphones, a pay master’s window. I guess like the wood these mainly metal fixtures require additional, specialized cleaning.


A weird reminder of the extent of our Katrina. The world we know is under assault by the world coming into being. Our buildings and infrastructure and the way of life they enabled are unsustainable in our climate changed wall. The plastic tarps preserve the way things were. No tarp over the water lion. That cat's snout hasn't spouted out water in a decade anyway.


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