Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hoboken Path > Hoboken Train Station

With very little fanfare, the PATH line connecting Newport to Hoboken ran trains today. On the weekends and holidays, 33rd Street bound trains connect Journal Square and Hoboken. What wasn’t running today was the Hoboken to WTC line (which typically doesn’t run on Weekends or Holidays) but I am sure it will be.

Without the Hoboken PATH, getting to the Hoboken Train station from Jersey City was a royal pain. About six weeks after Sandy – mid-December– Hoboken PATH began running, but from Jersey City you had to cross the River. While the Hudson may not be the Styx, I am reluctant.

So, I don’t have pictures here of the Newport to Hoboken tracks. A PATH worker told me that it is actually an incline and the damage by Sandy more severe, and the repair more time consuming than all the other tracks of the PATH system, COMBINED! Okay, she didn’t say combined but I am just cliché that every time you hear all the other, the word COMBINED is sure to follow.





So, where was I… right… the Hoboken Train Station – theGreat Erie Lackawanna is still in disrepair, little to improvement from when I wasthere last, in December, on Christmas. The lobby is closed, the station master’s office, the bathrooms are port-o-johns and outside. No place to get anything to eat. No ceiling panels to the corridor where you go from PATH to NJTRANSIT rail.
I noticed that there were boxed in the liquor store, ready to be unpacked. Patience and hope.


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