Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Meaning Graffiti

The present day, contemporary form of Graffiti has a psychedelic flavor to me. The lettering is trippy calligraphy, pulsating, euphoric. There’s a voice crying out in the urban wilderness feel, a personal statement of I am, or maybe Kilroy was here. There’s also the scrawl, one might recall the original graffiti of ancient Rome, Creaser Must Die – anonymous and subversive. Fun, like Keith Haring playfully giddy image, both ultra- modern yet clearly echoing primitive totems. But it is illegible. The letters seem like western script but I can’t decipher exactly the message. What is it saying, what does it mean? What is the purpose? Maybe the purpose is that it is here, both art and defacement and that in itself is message enough. This was by the highway, a hard to get to concrete wall, and this had to take a long time to complete.

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