Monday, June 4, 2012

Lunar New Year Arrives on 1st

Nice guy, intense and funny – young – he didn’t want me to take a picture of his face and only wanted his artist alias – Lunar New Year – on the blog. I’m not sure if it is an alias or the name of his current collection of paintings that includes the mural currently in progress on First Street (near Coles), or maybe those sort of distinctions are some of the constructs he seems intent on disintegrating. “There’s too much ego in art already, don’t you think?”
Hard to argue. The more you know about the artist, the more context you bring to the work and that preconception inevitably impacts the communication between the work and the viewer.

On the side of this building so far, in black and shades of gray and some muted gold are two bearded men, in profile, stare into the distance. The hands of the men are gesticulating; at least their fingers are crossed. For good luck? Gang signs? What are they looking at? Their gaze seems rapt, attentive, serene.

You want to know but the answers may lay more in you than in the art.
The mural is still not complete, although LNY expects it should be within a week or so, weather permitting. There were showers but the skies soon cleared and the work was barely interrupted. I first thought these pictures may be stencils of some kind. They’re very detailed and exact, they could be reproductions. Also, these are tall pictures, about two stories high. Rarely are murals so vastly vertical. To be so precise on this size space, well it is astounding and that is why my first guess was stencil. But they are not stencils, they’re hand painted. When I was there he was using a can of spray paint.
What will do with the space around and between the two profiles? Will you be using other colors? Do you have this painting  planned out?
“Planned out? What fun would that be?”
For now, the artist, the art and the audience are all involved in the same process: surprise and discovery.

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