Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Polarizing Art

Another local spray paint/stencil (if that is the right term) artist, we’ve seen this soldier around town. The original may be some other familiar image but this G.I. reminds me of those plastic soldiers in the Toy Story films. If graffiti/Street art is also defacement of public property, consider this unique case. It is not painted on an exterior, but the artist supplied square of plywood, which the artist attached to a street sign pole. The street sign pole is unused, however. There is no sign on the sign. No obstruction is taking place. Prior to the soldier, the pole was unadorned. Why not turn it into a display tool for art, which also gives another aesthetic layer to the plywood, which in fact is mimicking a street sign since street signs hang are on poles just the way this art hangs, which is also affixed with a similar bolt. The question city fathers might want to ask, why is there a perfectly good unused pole here? Or did the artist install the pole instead of just mildly repurposing the pole.

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