Thursday, January 6, 2011

Approaching Secaucus

Approaching Secaucus… the announcement is automated… never used to point out Secaucus before they built the new terminal. I started taking some pictures.

Ice floats on the meadowlands, the vast marsh separating Hudson from Bergen County, Newark in the horizon… some factories are still left… it is late in the afternoon so the sun is setting, but it is still not peak commuting time so the highways are not jammed.

Approaching Secaucus… last stop before Hoboken

A power plant, a factory in the distance… A CSX freight locomotive… more swamp in ice, electrical tower. A microcosm of America, vestiges of our industrial past… you can see the world but not hear the chorus…approaching Secaucus

The sun hits the Plexiglas, showing the grime sometimes, other times, remarkably clear.Erie Lackawanna rail routes, been here for more than 100 years and the original tracks were laid over popular trails. Some of the view, the things in it, are new, but the sunset this time of year… seen by everyone approaching Secaucus….

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