Monday, December 27, 2010

Stop Construction Notice

Stop Construction Notice... I have no idea why and I guess I’m assuming safety, although if the appearance of hazardous conditions was sufficient to suspend construction there would be no construction sites in Jersey City, which we know is far from the case. This site was always iffy. I liked the wheel barrow on the pile of rubble, sort of embodies the who gives a crap about safe conditions at a worksite attitude that seems apparent in our fair city, at least to pedestrians passing by the sites. The elect the sheriff (I only vote for Sheriff’s named Doc) sign, over a month old, older than the notice. Stop Construction Notice... either somebody wasn’t paid off or somebody is getting serious about safety or something else or both… add a comma between the second and third word and a question mark at the end and this could work as a question, yet mean the same thing.

wheel barrow rusting on rubble

gee, stop construction? it looks so safe...

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