Monday, December 6, 2010

Sticker Art Opening

Hello… My Name is Sticker Art—is the name of the show currently at Fish with Braids. I know you might expect a little reportage here, but sorry. I went as you can see, but the event was so packed I couldn’t get a handle on the art or speak to the artists and my inside pictures were all of jugulars and napes. But I had a swell time talking with some friends. A lot of people can fit into the space, it was as crowded as a Path Train heading to 33rd street at 8:50 on a Monday morning. References to the ship cabin scene to the Marx Brothers can be made here. Now, I’m sure the show—a collective of artists—was responsible for the higher than expected draw, but there may have been another factors. Rumors are swarming around the community that Uta Brauser will be moving the Gallery to Brooklyn. Wither thou goest J.C. arts? Is the city government moving from non-support to non-cooperation? I have no answers or even speculation. So how many people can fit into a store front gallery before you have to apply for a cabaret license? I don’t know the answer… no one was singing or dancing when I was there…

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