Monday, September 14, 2009

“Twin” Tony’s

“I’m Tony. I work here with my son, Tony. Everybody’s Tony.” Opening day for Twin Mart, the latest Bodega—a-hem, I mean, Convenience Store—in our Bodega Republic. It still had that new Bodega smell. A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about their new sign (click here). I bought a bottle of ice tea. It’s on 9th street, the portion known as Father Fitzgerald Way, right across from the Newport Pharmacy, which used to be in the spot before they moved across the street. Young Tony was in the back of the store working on initial inventory. I bought a bottle of ice tea. How often do you get to buy something the first day of a new store, a new Bodega, staking out new territory in our Bodega republic, less than a block from the Northeast corner of Hamilton Park. Now, only if they would finish the damn park renovation—it’s only been five months!—one would have a pleasant place to drink one’s ice tea.

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