Monday, September 21, 2009

Bomb Scare Over

Strolling early evening on Sunday, caught the conclusion of the bomb scare. According to the Jersey Journal, a “29-year-old man was taken in custody today after he entered the lobby of the Jersey City Medical Center at around 3:45 p.m. and threatened to blow up the hospital with a bomb contained in a package he was carrying… After an X-ray of the package by the Jersey City Police Department bomb squad proved inconclusive, it was taken outside and blown up at 6:28 p.m.”

I missed the evacuation. I missed the blowing up of the package. I was just taking a walk. I wasn't 'covering' the bomb scare. Saw they had the police and fire department vehicles out—when you see that massive Police Emergency Service Unit truck you know something out of the ordinary is going down. Blowing up a hospital? Did this dude watch Dark Knight too many times or what!

The responders were sort of giddy, laughing with each other (I think the firemen were flirting with the woman police officer, or was she flirting with them?). One cop said to me after I asked what was going on, watch it on the news. She was laughing when she said it. Everyone was in a good mood at the scene. And why not? The man had been apprehended, the package disposed of, the threat neutralized. No one was hurt.

I think one would call it a good day on the job. Maybe there are politicians who are tarred by corruption, problems with other departments in our beloved municipality. Probably a good long list of local authority figures who fall short of our expectations. But our police and fire department are really nice folks, professional, competent, considerate and friendly. Look across the Hudson, look at other cities, you will see how rare that is.

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