Friday, August 21, 2009

Historic Downtown Shoppers Parking

Historic Downtown Shopping is like a trip into the past, a never-never land where nothing has changed. Except for off-price DVDs, C. H. Martin painstakingly maintains an inventory similar to the one it had in the early 80s and even the 99 Cents stores still have some products costing that magic, irresistible price-point. One would swear the men and women panhandling near Palace Drug & Liquors—yes, a drug store and a liquor store—are not re-enactors but actual homeless winos. The biggest draw for tourists is the authentic Historic Downtown Shoppers Parking, located in the most heavily trafficked areas of the district that time forgot. The parking has been restored to the peak majesty of urban decay. Some of the parking spaces still have the original paint and the pot holes and cracked asphalt have been preserved with precise attention to detail. Small ponds of muck linger days after every rainfall along the curbs of each corner, just like decades ago, before the advent of modern day, high-tech, fancy sewer systems. Be careful, don’t get too lost in the illusion or you might swear Ford was still president and start looking for kids selling nickel bags.

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