Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tree Down, Power Out


Caution tape on Jersey Avenue and Third. Fireman said the storm tore down a tree and the falling timber brought down a wire.

Days of heat and humidity and temperatures high in the low 90s, building and building and getting hotter and stickier and  harder to breathe the air and then a rash of thunderstorm at the shank of the afternoon shattered the heat. Does the fierceness of the storm have anything to do with the oppressiveness of the heat. The weather was broken. Hail was reported. Flash Flooding.

Down trees and power outage.

This block was taped off, businesses and residents without electrictity, 2nd street, 4th, Erie... several blocks, one wire. The parishioners of St. Mary Church  held their 7:15 PM daily service with only candles and a flashlight. Reminds me of the Philippines joked the priest, a Filipino. The Key Food was still open, they had a generator, but even that went out and no one could shop. The PSE&G truck arrived as the sun was starting to set. All you can do is just wait.  

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