Monday, December 31, 2012

Arborcide Survivors


Trees were downed by Sandy on this corner, Monmouth and Columbus. During the next few weeks, major arborcide – the cure was as much as a catastrophe as the storm. Trees removed down to the stumps – they don’t seem like they are going to be replaced – one former stump is gone entirely, all sidewalk now.


Sobering and stark – not just the empty spots where trees once bloomed but the removal of the branches and the boughs. It’s winter and the leaves have fallen, but those twigs attached to branches where new buds become leaves every spring, they’re gone too.



It’s sad – nature giveth, nature taketh away – our municipality– trigger happy when it comes to arborcide if you ask me – decided better safe than sorry and who can blame them. There’s electrical wires draped and streaming on the sidewalk. Still, the trees look positively butchered.


Like the trees, we suffer loss of companions and even the limbs of our youth, yet we endure. We may not be so lucky next storm but we’re as ready as we’ll ever be.

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