Thursday, October 15, 2009

Peter Delman Getting Medieval

Peter Delman in his studio on Jersey Avenue during the Jersey City Artist Tour, where he showcased his series, “Getting Medieval.” Several of the paintings portraits, including a self portrait, in an illustration style with devil wings and other gothic images reminiscent of religious and demonic iconography popular in the middle ages. He’s standing in front of one of Holy Toledo—View of Jersey City,” a city-scape of our beloved metropolis that according to Delman, “references El Greco,” who painted the View of Toledo (not the one in Ohio) and you can find the original in the Metropolitan Museum Across the river. Medieval, Middle Ages... didn’t El Greco live during the Renaissance. What’s a few hundred years here or there. Whatever the century invoked, the paintings were pretty fantastic, dabbling with classic imagery in a refreshing contemporary style and a distinctive playfulness. Besides, if Jersey City, downtown at least, is going through a Renaissance, Peter, who told me he moved to this studio in 1975, has seen not just Medieval Jersey City but its Dark Ages too!


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