Saturday, January 4, 2014

Dunkin Donuts Pay Phone

Damn cell phone… no reception then the battery craps out… dunkin donuts, coffee, maybe a boston crème

I don’t remember a time when there was no Dunkin Donuts but it was never like now, with them everywhere. Not complaining. Coffee drinkers love their java. This one is on the edges of Downtown,  Grand Street. The lack of police enforcement of residential speed limits makes Grand Street a lawless highway, cross at your own risk. This Dunkin is on the edges of a strip mall anchored by Pathmark. This is now the last pay phone at the strip mall, where I documented one that is now gone. In fact, I believe this is the rare NEW pay phone. I have walked by here often and always have my eye out for pay phones for Dislocations long-running pay phone blog series. The pay phone I blogged about two years ago has been removed.

Probably this phone was put here for the emergency convenience of their customers. Maybe it was installed because Pathmark removed their last remaining unit. Pathmark used to be open 24/7, now it is not. Dunkin Donuts is perpetual and eternal.
What do you want from the store? Snow storm tomorrow, haven’t you seen the news? Pathmark. I’m right here. What do need?




Coffee. I thought we had coffee

Oh. Dunkin coffee. A cup.

All right, I’ll stop back here after the store. Chocolate Coconut too. Got it.

This Dunk is like a Dunkin superstore, you know, like the kind you find on the highway (gee, no wonder drivers and law enforcement alike ignore the legal Grand Street speed limit and pedestrians risk their life if they wish to head south).  It has a drive through, which was moving fast this afternoon. Coffee to go for our on the go society. I’m sure there’s an app so they can have your order ready upon arrival. But sometimes the plans go awry, order breaks down, and you need a pay phone.  At least it’s a call the NSA is not monitoring. 

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