Wednesday, July 17, 2013

King of Candy Apples

The king of candy apples no longer reigns over only candy apples. Fruit now includes bananas and pineapple, the coatings not just sugary glaze but chocolate and sprinkles.
The Bolivian music was thumping so loud you could not hear yourself think, much less somebody speaking right next you. Intensely summer. We’re in a heat wave. The colorful costumes added to overall trippiness on the day. Latin American Festival at Exchange Place.

Who knew candy apples were South American. Show of hands. Even Spanish?  I did not. In fact, seeing them in summer startled me. I associate  Candy Apples with fall. Apples are an autumn fruit. In fact, apples sold now are probably from last year’s harvest, the bottom of the barrel, unless they are flown in from the lower hemispheres, where they have the alternative universe’s sequence of seasons, somewhere like South America… hey now, hmmm. Every fall, in October, before Halloween, there were candy apples – a hard shell of sugar glazed, Very shiny, translucent amber. They were at Parkway School, in whose gym this autumn festival was always held, the whole town went. It was where we bought our pumpkin. The days were shorter, the air cooler, World Series talk. Not now, Candy Apple. Not Summer! Has the world gone mad?

The King really widens the definition, in terms of coating and fruits coated, a more permanent and institutionalized version of desert fondue. In this heat, the chocolate and glaze were not melting. They reminded me of sculpture. Cavity and diabetes inducting sculpture, but sculpture nonetheless. Moderation recommended.



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