Friday, November 23, 2012

Double Decker Tow

Keep this from the tourists. Even the double decker buses break down and have to be towed. You cannot see them too well, but there are actually three guys underneath the elevated front end of the bus. The tow truck was big and bright. The tow truck is more impressive than the double decker bus.  I hate those double decker buses, without good reason, I have nothing against tourists. Maybe they were so identified with London than when they started showing up in the isle of Manhatto, I mistook their appearance as solely one of anglophilia. But they are probably a lot of fun, if are not as jaded as someone who grew up dreaming of New York City and then when she became part of your life having to learn how to cope with her constant betrayals. Double Deckers are just like any vehicle, they sometimes are unable to drive away and need to be towed. I’ve never seen it though before tonight.

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