Sunday, February 26, 2012

Norwegian Gem

Norwegian Cruise Lines sails away. I’m guessing  ever since the tragedy just a little while ago where a cruise ship captain abandoned ship  preceding a fatal shipwreck that cruise ship tickets are at bargain prices. Some people just like cruises, I’m not one of them but I like seeing the ships. One of the most fun things living in J.C. and taking walk down along the waterfront is when one these huge boats glide by, a voyage ending or beginning, depending on which direction the bow is pointing. Instant surrealism the juxtaposing of the Manhattan skyline and the large ship, thousands of passengers and crewmen, leaving for an adventure even if that adventure consists of lounge music, all you can eat buffets, cash bars, all the glitzy fun you imagine cruises can be but who really knows unless you are there in the moment. On the docks, the Jersey Side, you wave and imagine some friendly stranger waving back, a mutual wishing of safe passage. You think about them looking the statue of liberty from the deck of the ship, reenacting the penultimate American immigrant experience. I wish them Bon Voyage. Watch out for Ice Bergs.
 Quick Wiki facts:
Norwegian Gem is a Jewel class cruise ship of Norwegian Cruise Line.  Norwegian Gem utilizes the "Freestyle" cruising concept, which allows guest to dine in any number of restaurants, in casual attire, at times of their own choosing.
Length: 965 ft.  
Decks: 15
Passengers: 2384
Crew:   1154

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